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Our mission is to encourage & enable MIT students to pursue side projects

ProjX is a branch of TechX that provides up to $500 in funding for students every semester, helping students bring their dream projects to life and giving them the chance to demo their creations at the annual xFair and ProjXpo.



Applications for the {{cycle}} funding cycle are open until {{deadline}}.

Applications for the {{cycle}} funding cycle are closed.

Applying for Funding

Applications for the {{cycle}} cycle are now open.

You can apply/login to your ProjX account here.

Applications for the {{cycle}} cycle are now closed.

Judging Criteria

We judge projects on three main factors:

(1) Creativity and novelty.
(2) Execution.
Is the project feasible in the time frame?
(3) Educational value. Will the student learn something?

Funding for Multiple Projects

We believe in empowering students to explore and develop their ideas, so we will evaluate each application independently of others. Therefore, a student can be on multiple teams; however, each student may only be the lead member of one team.

Resources Outside of ProjX

There are many resources on campus for side projects and entrepreneurship! Check out the Martin Trust Center, Sandbox Fund, StartLabs, Dorm Room Fund, Rough Draft VC, Clean Energy Prize, Climate CoLab, GFSA, IDEAS Global, MIT CHIEF, and more.


Members of the ProjX committee with significant technical experience may provide mentorship and advice for your project, and we can also connect you with someone in our network of volunteer mentors. Mentors can be previous ProjX participants, graduate students, or even faculty/staff.

ProjX Spotlight

DashBoard by Alon Kosowsky-Sachs and Matthew Reeve

Electronic skateboard

Granite Mini-Mill by Austin Brown

Milling Machine Made from AFM Base

Wheelie Scooter by Amartya, Mason, and Thanh

An electric scooter equipped with a 7kW brushless motor

Supersonic Wind Tunnel by Lochie Ferrier

High-Speed Wind Tunnel made with EDF and Converging-Diverging Nozzle

ProjXpo Gallery (Fall 2019)

The Team